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(Trying to) explain Labour’s leadership woes & the Corbyn surge

by Stephen Tall on July 30, 2015

The parallels between this summer’s Labour leadership contest meltdown and the battle for the party’s soul in the early 1980s are too close to swat away as ahistorical journalese. Here, for example, is an excerpt from Graham Stewart’s terrific book, (…)

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The top campaigning lesson from Ed Miliband’s speech: repetition is what you need

by Stephen Tall on October 3, 2012

“We are the One Nation party,” Nick Clegg will tell the Liberal Democrats in his speech to their spring conference tomorrow. Remember this headline? Probably not. Yet it dates from March 2012, just six months ago. So what happened? Two key things, I suggest. First, Nick’s ‘One Nation’ message was drowned out by the furore […]

Purnell to quit as MP – what does he mean by that?

by Stephen Tall on February 19, 2010

Well, there’s a turn-up: James Purnell – former secretary of state for work and pensions, the man who almost brought down Gordon Brown, and seemingly a strong contender for the Labour leadership after the next election – has announced he will be quitting Parliament at the general election. Here’s how The Times reports it:
Labour insiders […]

John Hutton was right: Gordon has been ‘a fucking disaster’. But who else was there?

by Stephen Tall on December 23, 2009

At long last, what was widely known in Westminster Village circles has rippled out beyond: John Hutton was the cabinet minister who told the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson in 2006 that Gordon Brown would be ‘a fucking disaster’ in the role of prime minister. Well done to BBC Radio 4’s Eddie Mair for wringing […]

Who'd be a Labour or Tory MP right now?

by Stephen Tall on February 22, 2009

Here’s a short exercise for a Sunday afternoon: if you woke up today and were one of the following, how would you be feeling? 1) a Labour MP 2) a Tory MP It’s not quite as straightforward as it seems. (…)

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Is Martin Kettle right – could the Lib Dems eclipse Labour?

by Stephen Tall on February 20, 2009

LDV has eschewed mention of the past week’s opinion polls, three of which have shown the Lib Dems to be the chief beneficiaries of the recent slump in Labour support. As our regular readers will know, we just don’t believe (…)

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