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Are these the best opening credits of any TV programme ever?

by Stephen Tall on April 20, 2012

Last night, when switching off BBC1’s Question Time — no, not even Tim Farron’s barn-storming showing could tempt me to endure a whole hour — I tweeted: In a perfect world, someone would watch #bbcqt for me & filter out (…)

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If it’s cracking, it must be a Duckworth

by Stephen Tall on January 26, 2011

Given my unabashed love of Neil Hannon’s Divine Comedy, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve only just got round to acquiring his cricketing spin-off musical venture, Duckworth Lewis Method. I loved it. I. Loved. It. Abso-bloody-lutely loved it. I could write (…)

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Cher. And Cher I like.

by Stephen Tall on January 2, 2011

X-Factor-haters look away now. There’s nothing for you here. Cher Lloyd was the true star of X-Factor for me, no matter that she finished fourth. (Jade Goody, it may be remembered, finished in the same position in Big Brother 3: (…)

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In praise of The Divine Comedy

by Stephen Tall on July 5, 2010

I see it’s over four years since I last blogged my appreciation of my favourite ever popular beat-combo, Neil Hannon’s creation The Divine Comedy. High time to rectify the omission. Bang Goes the Knighthood, their tenth album, has (as usual) (…)

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Top 10 pop singles of the Noughties

by Stephen Tall on November 27, 2009

Can this list be true? According to Popbitch, yes: 1. Will Young (Evergreen) 2. Gareth Gates (Unchained Melody) 3. Shaggy (Wasn’t Me) 4. Tony Christie/Peter Kay (Amarillo) 5. Band Aid 20 6. Hear’Say (Pure & Simple) 7. Shayne Ward 8. (…)

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That Was it: This Is It reviewed

by Stephen Tall on November 1, 2009

A deluded tribute to a drugged-up man-child; or loving testament to a still-great entertainer? This Is It – the film of the rehearsals of the stage show for Michael Jackson’s never-to-be 50-concert series – falls between these two stools, and (…)

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Robbie lives

by Stephen Tall on October 21, 2009

Should owning all Robbie Williams’ albums (except the greatest hits*) be listed as a ‘guilty pleasure’? I don’t think so: the guy’s a post-ironic hero, as the Grauniad’s Alexis Petridis sums up neatly in his review of Robbie’s live show (…)

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