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Oakeshott asks Ashcroft the simple question: “Are you a non dom or not?”

by Stephen Tall on December 14, 2009

David Cameron, yesterday, on Sky News:
I think it time to pass a law that says that if you want to be in the Houses of Parliament, if you want to be a legislator, you need to be or be treated as a full UK taxpayer.”
And quite right, too. But what has prompted the Tories’ Damascene […]

Lib Dems oppose 'non-dom' Ron Sandler as chairman of Lloyds

by Stephen Tall on July 21, 2009

So the Telegraph reports: Ron Sandler should not be eligible for the job of chairman of Lloyds Banking Group because he is non-domiciled for tax purposes, the Liberal Democrats have declared. … “The chairman of a nationalised, or part-nationalised, bank (…)

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The Times: Osborne to be investigated by sleaze watchdog over #mpsexpenses

by Stephen Tall on July 2, 2009

Here are the allegations, as summarised in a Lib Dem press release issued this afternoon: George Osborne used his second homes allowance on a London property and then switched it to a large farmhouse in his Cheshire constituency of Tatton. (…)

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Lib Dems reveal civil servants paid £26m in bonuses

by Stephen Tall on June 17, 2009

Lord (Matthew) Oakeshott, the Lib Dems’ treasury spoeksman in the House of Lords, has been busy in recent weeks – busy compiling figures from Parliamentary answers on the level of “non-consolidated performance pay” (bonuses to you and me) shared between (…)

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Lib Dem peer reveals online Barclays tax documents

by Stephen Tall on March 26, 2009

Here’s how The Guardian reports it: Liberal Democrat spokesman Lord Oakeshott used parliamentary privilege today to blow a hole in a gag order obtained by Barclays Bank over its tax avoidance scheme. The documents detailing the schemes, previously leaked to (…)

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Would the Tories kick Lord Belize Ashcroft out of the Upper Chamber?

by Stephen Tall on February 10, 2009

Over at the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire & Friends blog, Jason Beattie asks if the Tories are on the point of reversing their U-turn, and supporting a Lib Dem motion obliging anyone who sits in the House of Lords to be (…)

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Top Lib Dem donor short-selling bank shares

by Stephen Tall on January 28, 2009

Late last week, there was a small flurry of media interest in hedge fund Lansdowne Partners: A hedge fund run by two Tory donors made a £12million killing in days by exploiting the collapse of Barclays shares, it was revealed (…)

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Is Nick Clegg right to back the Speaker?

by Stephen Tall on February 25, 2008

The House of Commons Speaker, Michael Martin, has found himself in the full glare of unwelcome publicity this weekend, following allegations that he has misused his Parliamentary allowances: In the past two weeks it has emerged that some black cab (…)

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A straight choice between Clegg & Huhne?

by Stephen Tall on October 18, 2007

That’s what it’s looking like with the news that Steve Webb will not be entering the contest to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats, but instead backing Nick Clegg. (Although John Hemming has also declared, currently it looks (…)

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Telegraph: Tories in marginals tell unpopular Cameron to stay away

by Stephen Tall on September 23, 2007

The Daily Telegraph today details some of the internal unhappiness in the Tory party with their leader, David Cameron – the least popular national party leader according to recent opinion polls. The article is headlined ‘Tory pressure as David Cameron (…)

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