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Lib Dems attack Tories’ tax-war on widows, working couples and jilted wives

by Stephen Tall on April 10, 2010

A tax-break for married couples, is how the Tories are trying to spin it. The reality could scarcely be different – here are the groups of people the Tories are now officially classifying as undeserving:

  • Two married teachers bringing up a child.
  • A co-habiting couple who have lived together for years but not married.
  • People whose partners have abandoned them and their children.
  • A widow whose husband has died in Afghanistan.
  • ICM: 59% of Lib Dem voters support marriage tax breaks … Or do they?

    by Stephen Tall on January 26, 2010

    The Guardian’s monthly ICM poll, published today, asks a couple of intriguing questions.
    For a start, we discover where Lib Dem supporters perceive they sit within the class system (however self-defined) – 50% say they are middle-class, and 48% that they are working-class. This compares with 38% middle-class to 61% working class for Labour; and […]

    Cameron’s confusion over Tory marriage tax plans

    by Stephen Tall on January 4, 2010

    It can be hard pre-launching an election campaign, can’t it? Here’s the PoliticsHome rolling news front page from today:

    At 3.04 pm, the site reported:

    David Cameron said he could not guarantee a Conservative government would be able to offer a tax break to married couples, despite having personally supported such a move. “It’s something within a […]