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Mark Thompson quits Lib Dems. Is this the death of party politics? Not so fast!

by Stephen Tall on November 16, 2013

Mark Thompson, winner of Lib Dem Blog of the Year 2012, has announced he’s leaving the party. You might be thinking, “Ah, another one who’s so annoyed with what the party’s doing in coalition that he can’t face renewing his membership.” But you’d be wrong. As the title of Mark’s piece makes clear – Why […]

Lib Dem MPs to abstain on Tories’ EU in/out referendum bill?

by Stephen Tall on June 14, 2013

On 5th July, Tory MP James Wharton’s private member’s bill — laying out Conservative plans for an in-out referendum on the EU in 2017 — will get its second reading. The Tories are on a three-line whip to support it (very unusual for a private member’s bill). Labour has confirmed they’ll shun the vote, branding […]

A personal guide to the 13 most essential political podcasts

by Stephen Tall on June 10, 2013

Commuting is a major part of my daily life, so I find podcasts are an essential way to make use of time I’d otherwise spend staring vacantly out the window or idly refreshing and re-refreshing Twitter. Here, in order of where they appear in my iTunes directory, are the podcasts I listen to most frequently… […]

The Tory party’s not for turning. Their funeral.

by Stephen Tall on February 9, 2013

Mark Thompson has been looking at the maths of this week’s Tory vote on same-sex marriage, and discovered that the party’s 2010 intake of MPs was more likely to vote against than those elected in the previous two elections this (…)

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What I said on BBC’s Daily Politics…

by Stephen Tall on September 26, 2012

I guested today on the BBC’s Daily Politics — presented by Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn — alongside John Kampfner and (briefly) Bonnie Greer. The programme featured interviews with Danny Alexander and Tim Farron, and appearances by fellow blogger Mark (…)

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I agree with Mark: The public did *not* reject proportional representation last year

by Stephen Tall on April 23, 2012

Mark Thompson makes an excellent point over at his blog here. He points out that those Conservative MPs who now oppose the Coalition Agreement commitment to elect the House of Lords using proportional representation because they claim last year’s referendum (…)

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“Loathe this government if you will…” – 4 points following on from Julian Glover’s must-read Guardian article

by Stephen Tall on October 18, 2010

Julian Glover, writing for The Guardian’s Comment Is Free, puts forward a trenchantly pro-Coalition, pro-Clegg line — one that’s guaranteed to attract the ire both of Guardianistas, and of some Voice readers, too. This excerpt offers the substnance of his argument: Loathe this government if you will, but at least acknowledge that neither side in […]

‘The Breaking of Laws’ on House of Comments

by Stephen Tall on June 4, 2010

I was a guest on this week’s House of Comments podcast, hosted by Mark Thompson and Stuart Sharp, alongside Labour blogger Emma Burnell. You can listen to our discursions here, or download the MP3 file directly using this link. The (…)

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Tory VAT tax rises and Michael Caine … the spoof posters collection

by Stephen Tall on April 9, 2010

On the day that the Lib Dems tried to smoke out the Tories’ true position on whether they’ll jack-up VAT by 3% – annual cost to the average household, £389 – to pay for their unfunded tax-cuts, David Cameron was joined by a man worth £45m who rather likes the Tories’ promise to cut taxes […]

In the spotlight: Anna Arrowsmith and Paul Walter

by Stephen Tall on March 25, 2010

For the delectation of LDV’s readers, you might be interested in clicking on the following two links:
1. Mark Thompson interviews Anna Arrowsmith
The Mark Reckons blog carries an interview with the Lib Dems’ candidate for Gravesham in Kent, Anna Arrowsmith, who shot to prominence last week owing to her successful career as the UK’s first female […]