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Vince pushes the ‘mansion tax’ – could the Tories yet be persuaded to take tax reform seriously?

by Stephen Tall on January 22, 2012

Shock! Horror! Lib Dem business secretary Vince Cable advocates Lib Dem manifesto policy! The Telegraph today reports that Vince’s policy — which would levy a 1% annual charge on all properties valued above £2 million — is still on the table as the Coalition writes its second budget: Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary, […]

MPs’ budget bender (Or: Reckless by name …)

by Stephen Tall on July 12, 2010

Two new Tory MPs have been publicly named and shamed in today’s papers for getting so drunk that – allegedly – one fell to the floor of the House of Commons bar, while another was rude to a Commons official. Mark Reckless (for it is he) has ‘fessed up to his own drunkenness, including being […]