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Liberal Conspiracy is dead – and so too’s the amateur blogger (more or less)

by Stephen Tall on October 27, 2013

Sunny Hundal announced on Friday that left-of-centre blog Liberal Conspiracy is coming to an end: I no longer have the time to maintain Liberal Conspiracy as a daily-updated news and opinion blog, so as of today I’m going to stop. This site will become an occasionally updated personal blog, with the odd guest-post. It’s fair […]

What do the Lib Dems need to focus on next year?

by Stephen Tall on September 20, 2013

That was the 250 word essay question a group of us were set by The House magazine. Mark Pack has offered up his thoughts here. Here’s my effort… What the Lib Dems need to focus on in the next year (…)

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Jim Messina and “the single most infamous congressional ad in contemporary history”

by Stephen Tall on August 3, 2013

The Conservatives have hired Barack Obama’s election strategist Jim Messina to advise on their 2015 general election campaign. The Guardian describes it as “a coup for the Tory team to have been able to hire a strategist who proved such a vital figure in Obama’s presidential campaigns in both 2008 and 2012.” Those unfamiliar with [...]

Lessons of Coalition: what do the Lib Dems need to learn from the first 3 years?

by Stephen Tall on July 30, 2013

We’re more than three years in. What started in the Rose Garden has turned into a bed of thorns. The quieter summer weeks are as good a time as any to reflect on the key lessons the Lib Dems need to learn from this stint in government. Who knows? We may have a second chance [...]

What the hell have the Lib Dems done?

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2013

That’s the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin name for the website, created by William Summers and run by Mark Pack, highlighting some of the key successes of the Lib Dems in government. It’s been freshly updated this week, so what better day could there be than to take a look and share it with any friends and colleagues yet [...]

What will happen to the Lib Dems in Thursday’s local elections?

by Stephen Tall on April 29, 2013

There are just three campaigning days left until this Thursday’s local elections taking place across much of England.* It’ll be tough-going for the Lib Dems… The last time these seats were fought, in 2009, was a high water-mark for the party: we polled a national equivalent vote-share of 25%. As I said in my morning-after-the-night-before [...]

Me, Adam Boulton & the wit of Dr Pack

by Stephen Tall on March 8, 2013

Many thanks to my Mark Pack for this picture of me appearing on Sky News this lunchtime, being interviewed by Adam Boulton about all things Lib Dem. His suggested next words for the subtitles? “… That a man is interviewing (…)

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A warm welcome to our new Co-Editor, Caron Lindsay

by Stephen Tall on March 4, 2013

I guess that, in the end, it was quite fitting that Mark Pack’s final day with LibDemVoice should have been last Thursday, the day of the Eastleigh by-election: it’s always good to go out on a high. For those who missed the news first time round, Mark has — after over six years as my [...]

Eastleigh by-election: your essential round-up of the latest campaign news (13 Feb)

by Stephen Tall on February 13, 2013

Here’s a round-up of news from the past 24 hours in the Eastleigh by-election… Mike Thornton’s campaign in full swing The Lib Dems’ Mike Thornton — pictured here (by Jon Aylwin) with 1994 by-election victor David Chidgey — has been focusing on how the pupil premium, the party’s flagship education policy, has been helping Eastleigh [...]

Mark Pack to appear on Question Time as @BBCExtraGuest

by Stephen Tall on February 13, 2013

Congratulations and good luck to Mark Pack, my co-editor here for another fortnight, who’s in the virtual hot-seat as this week’s @BBCExtraGuest, tweeting opinions and answering questions before and during this week’s edition of BBC1′s Question Time (Thursday, 10.35 pm): Full panel this week – Maria Miller, @marycreagh_mp, @susankramer, @georgegalloway, @frasernelson and @bbcextraguest @markpack. #bbcqt [...]

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