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Clegg statement on Leveson: our proposals pose no danger to press freedom, but will give assurance to victims

by Stephen Tall on March 16, 2013

Nick Clegg – who declared on Thursday his backing for a free and fair press – has now published a statement on how he’s approaching next week’s critical Commons vote on how the Leveson Report is taken forward: Next week MPs will have the chance to deliver the robust, independent self-regulation for the press that […]

Here’s a ******* awesome Liberal Voice we should hear more from

by Stephen Tall on January 16, 2013

With apologies to those who’ve already seen this story — but it’s too good for us not also to copy and paste from the Telegraph report… Nick Clegg’s awesome spokesman: “I can’t believe we are having this f—ing conversation again” — Stephen Tall (@stephentall) January 16, 2013 With Nick Clegg about to miss ‘an […]