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Where Ukip won (or almost won) on 2nd May 2013

by Stephen Tall on May 14, 2013

Wondering where Ukip won (or almost won – see below) in the local elections on Thursday, 2nd May? Then here’s a handy graphic and breakdown by constituency… My thanks to Lib Dem Ben Mathis (@binny_uk) for crunching the Ukip numbers, as below. We’ll update the list with any more found… LINCOLNSHIRE Boston & Skegness Con […]

Nick Clegg’s Letter from the Leader: “We are back in the saddle.”

by Stephen Tall on May 5, 2013

Nick Clegg’s message this week is pretty chipper, name-checking some of the 350 Lib Dems (re-)elected to serve their communities this week, many of them in battleground areas. “A year or two ago even if we worked hard we didn’t win: now our message is getting a hearing again. We are back in the saddle.” […]

Local elections 2013: the story in four graphics

by Stephen Tall on May 4, 2013

Here’s the story of this year’s local elections in three graphics… First, let’s start with the bald statistics: the Lib Dems made a net loss of 124 councillors on Thursday. As I pointed out here, that’s slightly better than forecast. But still, as the party’s chief executive Tim Gordon noted in his post-election briefing, each […]

What the 2013 local elections mean – for the Lib Dems and the next election (and beyond)

by Stephen Tall on May 3, 2013

Well, it could have been worse. The BBC calculates that the Lib Dems have finished these local elections with the loss of a net 124 councillors, slightly better than the projected loss of 130 according to the Rallings and Thrasher model I said the results could best be judged by. The Tories have done slightly […]

Polls are closed! Here’s some election reading to keep you going for the loooong wait…

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2013

They’re over! Nothing more to be done now but wait. And it’ll be a long wait for most, with many of today’s local elections not due to be counted until tomorrow. I offered my preview of today’s local elections earlier this week. To keep you going, here’s a clutch of analysis. Local Election Preview (Anthony […]

The Sun refuses to back the Tories, says ‘Vote local’ (Aka: The Sun hedges its bets)

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2013

Does what The Sun says matter? In its own terms, of course not. Its own self-promoted myth that it was ‘The Sun wot won it’ for the Tories in 1992 with its anti-Kinnock front page belies the reality: it backs the party it thinks is most likely to win. It’s in that narrow sense that […]

What will happen to the Lib Dems in Thursday’s local elections?

by Stephen Tall on April 29, 2013

There are just three campaigning days left until this Thursday’s local elections taking place across much of England.* It’ll be tough-going for the Lib Dems… The last time these seats were fought, in 2009, was a high water-mark for the party: we polled a national equivalent vote-share of 25%. As I said in my morning-after-the-night-before […]

Nick Clegg’s Letter from the Leader: “5 good reasons to get out and campaign for the Lib Dems”

by Stephen Tall on April 27, 2013

‘Only Liberal Democrats fight for a stronger economy and a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.’ You might have heard that one before. You’ll hear it again in Nick’s message below. And in every speech between now and the next general election. Lib Dem supporters are bound to get sick of hearing […]

Nick Clegg’s Letter from the Leader: “I absolutely love being out on the campaign trail”

by Stephen Tall on April 21, 2013

With local elections taking place across much of England (and, lets not forget, the Isle of Angelsey in Wales) on Thursday 2nd May, Nick Clegg’s letter this week focuses on the drive to get out the Lib Dem vote… With less than two weeks to go until this year’s local elections, the campaigning has really […]