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For the benefit of Michael Crick – why Clegg wasn’t at the BBC’s challengers’ debate

by Stephen Tall on April 17, 2015

Political journalist Michael Crick was in apologetic mood this morning: It is a big failing on my part & other broadcasters that none of us have really discovered or explained why Clegg wasn’t there last night — Michael Crick (@MichaelLCrick) (…)

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The time Margaret Thatcher was empty chaired by the broadcasters

by Stephen Tall on March 5, 2015

Lord Ashdown told the BBC the PM’s decision to offer a one-debate ultimatum was “unbelievable” and said he couldn’t imagine Margaret Thatcher refusing to take part. (The Independent, 5th March 2015) This is, of course, rubbish. Here’s The Lady herself (…)

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Are the Greens a major party? Ofcom’s answer is a self-fulfilling one

by Stephen Tall on January 8, 2015

I’m unsure whether the leader of the Green party being included in the leaders’ debates in 2015 would help or hinder the Lib Dems. On balance, at least on this occasion, I think it would help. True, the Lib Dems (…)

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Ed Miliband’s speech: 5 thoughts on what it means for Labour, Tories, Lib Dems and the 2015 election

by Stephen Tall on September 25, 2013

I listened to, rather than watched, Ed Miliband’s speech to the Labour party conference yesterday. On the up-side that meant I missed the three hammy mid-speech standing ovations (shades of IDS c.2003); on the down-side it accentuated the peculiar whooping of some of the more excitable delegates (relax, guys, it’s just a politician talking). In […]

“We cannot afford it” – Cameron on raising income tax threshold to £10k. In 2010.

by Stephen Tall on May 1, 2013

With a hat-tip to Ed Stradling, here’s a reminder of what David Cameron told Nick Clegg about raising the income tax threshold in the first leaders’ debate: Cameron 2010: “I would love to take everyone out of their first £10,000 of income tax, Nick…We cannot afford it”… — Lib Dem Press Office (@LibDemPress) May […]

How Labour saw Clegg before the 2010 election TV debates

by Stephen Tall on April 16, 2013

There have been a couple of fascinating posts this week by election expert Philip Cowley, a politics professor at Nottingham University. They reveal for the first time the internal briefing prepared for Labour dissecting the debating skills of each of the three party leaders — Clegg, Brown and Cameron — ahead of the 2010 leaders’ […]

What a difference three months makes #nickcleggsfault

by Stephen Tall on July 15, 2010

Three months ago, Thursday, 15th April, witnessed the UK’s first televised debate between the main party leaders. Here’s a reminder of the close of the first debate, which sparked ‘Cleggmania’ as well as the catchphrase “I agree with Nick”, and the subsequent Twitter hashtag craze #nickcleggsfault … (Available on YouTube here). Up to that point, […]

The YouGov poll which shows Nick Clegg won the third TV debate

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2010

An interesting snippet from today’s Sunday Times reporting the latest YouGov tracker poll conducted on Friday and Saturday among nearly 1,500 voters showed that “Nick Clegg narrowly won the debate overall”.
You won’t find the figures in the paper’s report (and I can’t find them on the YouGov site) but the Times’s Samuel Coates reports […]

Kudos to Clegg: the TV debates wash-up

by Stephen Tall on April 30, 2010

Three programmes, four-and-a-half hours of debate, endless analysis – but one thing’s for sure: Nick Clegg is alone among the three leaders in being able to reflect on them with real pleasure.
David Cameron and the Tories are buoyed by his performance yesterday; understandably so, as most instant polls called it a ‘win’ for him. But […]

Final debate polls put Cameron ahead, but floating voters choose Clegg

by Stephen Tall on April 30, 2010

All the post-debate polls are in, and four out of five are giving David Cameron a win, with Clegg tied in first place in one, and in second place in three. Brown is last in all but one:

YouGov: Cameron 41%, Clegg 32%, Brown 25%.
ComRes: Cameron 35%, Clegg 33%, Brown 26%.
Populus: Cameron 38%, Clegg 38%, Brown […]