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LDV weekend meme: what is the state of the Lib Dem blogosphere?

by Stephen Tall on July 18, 2010

When Iain Dale asked if Lib Dem Voice would once again co-sponsor Total Politics’ Best Blog Poll 2010, he also set me some homework: to write c.1,500 words on ‘the State of the LibDem blogosphere’ by the end of the month. As you will see from the date, my deadline is fast approaching. I’ve got […]

LDV meme: “Those Liberal Democrat worries” according to The Independent

by Stephen Tall on July 11, 2010

The Independent this week reported that Nick Clegg is holding an “away day” for all 57 Liberal Democrat MPs when he will urge them to hold their nerve and show discipline when faced with public anger over the coalition government’s austerity measures: They have all been called to next Thursday’s away day at the Local […]