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Nick Clegg’s Letter from the Leader: “It’s not perfect, but then no government is.”

by Stephen Tall on January 13, 2013

It’s been a big week for Nick Clegg: the launch of the Government’s Mid-Term ‘Ronseal deal’ Review and his first ‘Call Clegg’ radio phone-in. His latest letter to supporters focuses on these two issues, but also makes a broader point: that coalition government is starting to become accepted, even by the media; that there’s a […]

‘Call Clegg’: Nick survives first radio phone-in grilling

by Stephen Tall on January 10, 2013

Today was the day History Was Made. At least if you believe LBC Radio’s self-publicity. To be slightly more precise, Nick Clegg took part in the first of his weekly Call Clegg phone-ins on LBC Radio, putting his job on the line (geddit?!) for 30 minutes. Starting 9am this Thursday 10 January, I will be […]