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So. Farewell Then

by Stephen Tall on May 18, 2010

So. Farewell
Spoof Lib Dem website
Which introduced the
World to
Gorvid Camerown.
Yes. You are
The first victim of
The coalition cuts.
65 years of
Two-party rule
Was your catchphrase.
You just
Never said
Which two parties.
Now gone from the web
Twitter and YouTube.
But we shall
Always have
The memories.
Rest in
Taking the piss.
EJ Thribb (17½)

3 ways the Labservatives blocked the Lib Dems cleaning up politics

by Stephen Tall on April 2, 2010

Labour and Conservatives, Conservatives and Labour: same difference, as the Lib Dems’ rather fabulous Labservative website points out. Here are just three examples from the past 12 months of ways in which the Labservatives have blocked Lib Dem attempts to reform our broken political system …

Lib Dems launch

by Stephen Tall on March 30, 2010

Lib Dems still reeling from Vince Cable’s debate victory in Ask the Chancellors, have another reason to be reeling today … the party has launched a subversive multimedia viral ad campaign – – and it’s a 24-carat success.
The Labservative pitch is clear enough: Labour and the Tories are way too similar, and neither is […]