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How I feel about the Olympics in 5 minutes, as told by John Finnemore AKA “Come on The British One!”

by Stephen Tall on August 12, 2012

A couple of months ago John Finnemore brilliantly condensed the Eurozone crisis into a sublimely funny 5-minute metaphor involving smurfs and a disputed restaurant bill. Here he is this time channelling pretty much all my thoughts about this year’s London (…)

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The Eurozone crisis explained. OR: How not to get distracted by smurfs doing star-jumps

by Stephen Tall on June 12, 2012

The Eurozone crisis isn’t, by common consent, a sexy topic rich with comic potential. Important, yes. A rib-tickler, no. So kudos, immense kudos, to comedian John Finnemore who performed a pretty acute summary for BBC Radio 4′s The Now Show this week. In just 6 mins and 35 secs. Enjoy… (Available on YouTube here.) And […]