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Why Simon Kelner is wrong to defend Johann Hari

by Stephen Tall on June 29, 2011

Johann Hari is used to provoking controversy – as the Independent’s most outspoken left/liberal columnist its his stock-in-trade – but yesterday found himself on the receiving end of criticism of his integrity. The reason? His repeated borrowing of quotes from interviews published by other journalists which he then drops into his own interviews as if […]

Gay rights – what will you believe: the Tory spin or the Tory voting record?

by Stephen Tall on February 17, 2010

Bless Nick Herbert: he’s doing his best today to make the claim that the Tories’ attitudes to homosexuality have changed, and that gay people should trust the party. The trouble is Nick has to contend with the reality of the Tories’ voting record – which, as the Lib Dems have pointed out, shows what the Tory party really believes.

The voting records of current Tory MPs who are standing again in 2010 show that: