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Three intriguing opinion poll results that made me go, “Hmm, really?”

by Stephen Tall on August 1, 2012

Looking through some of YouGov’s recent poll results (as you do on a summer’s evening during the Olympics), a trio of responses struck me as, well, slightly bizarre. See what you think… Lib Dem voters LEAST LIKELY to think Britain is best at cricket, MOST LIKELY to think we’re best at cycling This may simply […]

Danny Alexander: pay tax as I say not as I do?

by Stephen Tall on June 23, 2012

Lib Dem chief secretary to the treasury Danny Alexander wrote a powerful article — Rich tax dodgers are as bad as dole cheats — for this week’s Sun newspaper. His condemnation of those, such as Jimmy Carr, who legally avoid paying their taxes couldn’t have been stronger: … to most people it’s outrageous that a […]

Nick Harvey condemns “poor taste” Jimmy Carr

by Stephen Tall on October 26, 2009

The celebrity website eleven reports:
He’s never been known for his politically correct sense of humour, but comedian Jimmy Carr has incited the rage of MPs over a joke about wounded soldiers. … Audible gasps could be heard [at the Manchester Apollo on Friday night] when Carr quipped: “Say what you like about the servicemen amputees […]