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Why IDS is still in his job is revealing of Conservative attitudes to social security

by Stephen Tall on December 10, 2014

When Andrew Lansley’s health reforms ran into trouble – and his inability to take with him the public or those working in the NHS proved toxic – David Cameron reshuffled him out of harm’s way. Jeremy Hunt was brought in to make nice to the health sector and patients. When Michael Gove’s education reforms started […]

What links Jeremy Hunt and Peter Lilley? (Tip: If you’re not sure who they are, that’s the clue.)

by Stephen Tall on July 9, 2014

Who’s the most famous cabinet minister? And who’s the least famous? That’s what YouGov set out to find out by inviting its representative sample of the public to type in the name, unprompted, of the post-holder of six senior cabinet positions. Here’s what they found… So Iain Duncan Smith (36% correctly naming him as Work […]

That NHS spending row in full

by Stephen Tall on December 5, 2012

The story: Conservative Health secretary Jeremy Hunt ‘rebuked’ for claiming the Coalition has increased NHS spending in England. The promise: that the NHS budget in England would be increased in real terms during the Coalition. That promise was kept (just) — the 2010 Spending Review committed the Coalition to a 0.1% real-terms annual increase. The […]

Jeremy Hunt: I disagree with him, but why shouldn’t he give his view?

by Stephen Tall on October 6, 2012

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt is at the centre of a new row this morning after giving an interview to The Times in which he said his personal view is that the legal abortion limit should be cut to 12 weeks. Here’s how the Telegraph reports it: “Everyone looks at the evidence and comes to a […]

Nick is right on Jeremy Hunt: this is a Tory failure to self-regulate, so let them stew

by Stephen Tall on June 13, 2012

Should the Lib Dems join forces with Labour and vote to censure Jeremy Hunt? That’s the question troubling my party today. When the Lib Dems were in opposition this would’ve been a no-brainer — in fact, we’d probably have tabled (…)

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Hunt out to dry? Clegg refuses to back Tory culture secretary as Lib Dem MPs push inquiry

by Stephen Tall on June 2, 2012

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is piling the pressure on Jeremy Hunt, whose closeness to the Murdoch empire has been embarrassingly laid bare by the Leveson Inquiry in the past few weeks, by refusing to endorse David Cameron’s decision not to refer his culture secretary to the official adviser on the ministerial code, Sir Alex […]

LDV Caption Competition: Boris & Dave “Happily ever after” Edition

by Stephen Tall on May 5, 2012

There’s no prize at stake – just the opportunity to prove you’re wittier than any other LDV reader… Here is re-elected London mayor Boris Johnson with his fellow Etonian, Tory leader David Cameron. After this week’s local election results, what do you think might be being said or thought by or about them? And the […]

David Cameron’s jibe at Dennis Skinner: forget the ageism, it was just badly done.

by Stephen Tall on April 30, 2012

David Cameron, it became clear today, was not impressed by Commons Speaker John Bercow’s decision to grant Labour leader Ed Miliband an urgent question on the subject of Jeremy Hunt’s hanging-by-a-thread career as culture secretary. His not-impressedness manifested itself as indignant anger — it was “spectacularly ill-judged” according to the Telegraph’s Iain Martin: From the […]

LDVideo: Clegg – we don’t need Hunt inquiry. Hughes – we need Hunt inquiry

by Stephen Tall on April 28, 2012

Here’s Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg saying that the Leveson Inquiry is the best place for culture secretary Jeremy Hunt to give evidence about his role in the BSkyB takeover bid… (Available on the BBC website here.) And here’s Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes calling for an inquiry into whether Jeremy Hunt breached the […]

What I told BBC Radio 5’s Nicky Campbell about Simon Hughes’s call for Jeremy Hunt to face inquiry

by Stephen Tall on April 27, 2012

As I blogged this morning Simon Hughes last night became the first senior Lib Dem to call for Jeremy Hunt to face an independent inquiry into whether his behaviour broke the ministerial code during NewsCorp’s attempted takeover of BSkyB. I (…)

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