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Corbyn: good or bad for the Lib Dems?

by Stephen Tall on September 15, 2015

I’ve an article on today’s Times Red Box blog looking at how (and whether) the Lib Dems can capitalise on Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader. The obvious answer is we don’t know. The parallel with 1981-83, when hard-left Bennism (…)

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Yeah, so I called the Labour leadership wrong. But not as badly as Labour did.

by Stephen Tall on September 13, 2015

View image | So I was wrong. Again.* The massed ranks of Jezzabelles and Jezzabeaux have propelled their Bennite throwback to the top of their party. My wrongness, and the wrongness of others like me who failed to predict (…)

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It’s not just Iraq – the success of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign is founded on a big Labour apology

by Stephen Tall on August 21, 2015

View image | Apologies are in the air: Jeremy Corbyn has said he will apologise on behalf of the Labour party for the Iraq war if he’s elected leader in 21 days. As Ian Leslie points out, this is (…)

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Confessions of a Labour entryist: how I’m voting in the leadership election

by Stephen Tall on August 20, 2015

View image | A month ago today, I registered as a Labour supporter, paid my £3, and was swiftly thanked by the party’s general secretary. I was partly driven by curiosity — kind of a mystery shopper excursion to (…)

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Why I still don’t think Corbyn will win (and why I may be talking rubbish)

by Stephen Tall on August 19, 2015

View image | Unless you’re a bookie looking for an easy publicity-shot, we have no idea who will be named Labour’s new leader on 12th September. At the moment, Jeremy Corbyn seems a shoo-in. But there are dissenters — (…)

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My take on the Labour leadership: enjoy Peak Corbyn, then prepare for Competent Cooper

by Stephen Tall on August 4, 2015

Just when I think we’ve reached Peak Corbyn, the summer madness ratchets up another notch. Last night, we reached Peek Corbyn, as crowds of Jezzabeaux and Jezzabelles descended on Camden to hear the Sage of Islington spake. The New Statesman’s (…)

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(Trying to) explain Labour’s leadership woes & the Corbyn surge

by Stephen Tall on July 30, 2015

The parallels between this summer’s Labour leadership contest meltdown and the battle for the party’s soul in the early 1980s are too close to swat away as ahistorical journalese. Here, for example, is an excerpt from Graham Stewart’s terrific book, (…)

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The Labour leadership contest – my outsider’s verdict so far…

by Stephen Tall on June 24, 2015

I’ve finally got round to watching BBC Newsnight’s Labour leadership hustings (available to watch here for another 24 days). Here’s my verdict… There was no doubt in my mind who was the strongest performer: Islington left-winger Jeremy Corbyn. This isn’t (…)

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CentreForum’s ‘Liberal Heroes of the Week’ #6 – 17 MPs representing five political parties

by Stephen Tall on July 20, 2012

Welcome to the sixth in our series — Liberal Hero of the Week — as chosen by Stephen Tall, Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, and Research Associate at CentreForum.  The aim is simple enough: to showcase public figures who help promote the four liberal tenets identified in The Orange Book: economic, personal, political and social liberalism. […]