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The despair of the Tory moderates

by Stephen Tall on September 30, 2014

A trio of articles today from three Conservative-supporting commentators highlights why the party, despite woeful opposition from Labour, still looks likely to lose (or, at the very least, fail to win) the next election… Janan Ganesh (FT) argues the Tory (…)

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Hollande’s affair – do you care? *Gallic shrug*

by Stephen Tall on January 14, 2014

The President of France, Francois Hollande, held a a long-planned news conference today to launch policies to help France’s struggling economy. Along with cuts to government spending, he plans a ‘responsibility pact’ to incentivise firms to hire workers, and… oh, I’m sorry, am I boring you? You’re only interested in his liaisons dangereuses, the reported […]

Janan Ganesh is an intelligent guy so I’ll just assume this tweet was an aberration

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2013

Janan Ganesh — ex-Economist writer, current FT columnist, frequently intelligent political commentator — tweeted thus this afternoon: SDP in 1983. Greens in 1989. Ukip now. Some people always think politics is on the lip of a grand realignment. It almost (…)

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“We’re not in recession”. And no, that’s not the claim of anyone in the Coalition.

by Stephen Tall on July 26, 2012

Hamish McRae, an economist and associate editor of The Independent, has been claiming for some while now that the official figures aren’t reflecting the reality of the economy. A week ago, he made the bold statement that the UK is not in recession: The British economy is becoming more and more interesting. This week [ie, […]