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My desert island choice of top political columnists

by Stephen Tall on September 8, 2015

View image | So here’s a list. My current eight favourite political columnists (in alphabetical order): 1. David Aaronovitch – The very definition of passionate pragmatism, ‘muscular liberalism’ (a phrase associated with Mark Oaten) is how I think of (…)

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76% of Lib Dem members oppose Government plans to render foreign-born terror suspects ‘stateless’

by Stephen Tall on May 10, 2014

Lib Dem Voice has polled our members-only forum  to discover what Lib Dem members think of various political issues, the Coalition, and the performance of key party figures. More than 830 party members responded – thank you – and we’re publishing the full results. Three-quarters oppose Theresa May’s plans to render foreign-born terror suspects ‘stateless’ […]

Me (and others) on the political year on Radio 4’s The Westminster Hour. (Also: a reflection on “cheer-leading” versus “critiquing” the Lib Dems as a sometime pundit)

by Stephen Tall on December 23, 2013

I popped along last night for Radio 4’s The Westminster Hour’s studio discussion on the political year. It’s the first time I’ve turned up at the BBC’s Millbank studios and been offered a glass of wine ahead of going live on (…)

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Can Nick Clegg hold the line on not offering any red lines?

by Stephen Tall on October 30, 2013

For years Lib Dem leaders have been plagued by the question, ‘Who will you support in the event of a hung parliament?’ In 2010, Nick Clegg straight-batted it pretty effectively, saying the Lib Dems would talk first to the party with the most seats and most votes. In 2015 he’ll stick to that trusty formula, […]

Liberal Conspiracy is dead – and so too’s the amateur blogger (more or less)

by Stephen Tall on October 27, 2013

Sunny Hundal announced on Friday that left-of-centre blog Liberal Conspiracy is coming to an end: I no longer have the time to maintain Liberal Conspiracy as a daily-updated news and opinion blog, so as of today I’m going to stop. This site will become an occasionally updated personal blog, with the odd guest-post. It’s fair […]

The Spectator’s Isabel Hardman previews ‘Coalition and Beyond’

by Stephen Tall on September 16, 2013

On Monday night, I helped launch Coalition and Beyond: Liberal Reforms for the Next Decade, a collection of 20 essays published by Liberal Reform which I edited. Good turnout for our launch of “The Coalition and Beyond: Liberal Reforms for (…)

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A personal guide to the 13 most essential political podcasts

by Stephen Tall on June 10, 2013

Commuting is a major part of my daily life, so I find podcasts are an essential way to make use of time I’d otherwise spend staring vacantly out the window or idly refreshing and re-refreshing Twitter. Here, in order of where they appear in my iTunes directory, are the podcasts I listen to most frequently… […]

Eastleigh by-election: your essential round-up of the latest campaign news (13 Feb)

by Stephen Tall on February 13, 2013

Here’s a round-up of news from the past 24 hours in the Eastleigh by-election… Mike Thornton’s campaign in full swing The Lib Dems’ Mike Thornton — pictured here (by Jon Aylwin) with 1994 by-election victor David Chidgey — has been focusing on how the pupil premium, the party’s flagship education policy, has been helping Eastleigh […]

Your essential weekend reader — 12 must-read articles you may have missed

by Stephen Tall on November 3, 2012

It’s Saturday morning, so here are eight thought-provoking articles to stimulate your thinking juices… Where now for the immigration debate? – Sarah Mulley in the New Statesman with an excellent analysis: ‘the public don’t (on the whole) feel that immigration is a problem in their own local communities, although a large majority do feel that […]