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Clegg on Iraq inquiry: "nothing short of a fully public inquiry – held in the open – will satisfy soldiers' families."

by Stephen Tall on June 15, 2009

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced there will be a private inquiry into the Labour Government’s decision to go to war with Iraq. Beginning in July and reporting some time in 2010, the inquiry will cover the period July 2001 (…)

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What can politicians achieve? A Review of the Foothills

by Stephen Tall on April 13, 2009

Generally speaking political diaries are not best read cover to cover, and certainly not if they weigh in at 590 pages. They are for dipping into, browsing the index, and allowing your eyes to wonder to names, places and events (…)

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Davey: Iraq war inquiry needed now

by Stephen Tall on December 11, 2008

Lib Dem shadow foreign secretary Ed Davey has renewed the party’s call for an immediate public inquiry into British involvement in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the role played by UK troops in Iraq since 2003. Ed put the (…)

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