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Today’s #TwitterSilence – are you in or out?

by Stephen Tall on August 4, 2013

For those of you who don’t inhabit the Twittersphere, many people today are taking part in a #TwitterSilence (that’s its hashtag). It was the idea of Times columnist Caitlin Moran as “a symbolic act of solidarity” intended to shame Twitter into taking more seriously the rape/bomb threats and other abuse being targeted against women. You […]

Liberal Heroes of the Week #32: Index on Censorship & Jonathan Dimbleby. (The Villains are Cameron, Clegg and Miliband)

by Stephen Tall on March 22, 2013

Liberal Hero of the Week is chosen by Stephen Tall, Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, and Research Associate at CentreForum. The series showcases those who promote any of the four liberal tenets identified in The Orange Book — economic, personal, political and social liberalism — regardless of party affiliation and from beyond Westminster. If they stick up […]

So, here’s how I’m making my small protest against the Lib Dems’ recent illiberalism

by Stephen Tall on March 18, 2013

So, as I may have mentioned, I’m not a fan of liberals acting casual when it comes to freedoms. These might be the freedoms of those the state has illegally tortured to be able to get justice in fair legal (…)

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As Leveson reports… Why I’m sticking up for ‘Press freedom with no buts’

by Stephen Tall on November 25, 2012

Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry into the phone-hacking scandal will report this week. His recommendations on the future of press regulation are the subject of intense speculation, with essentially three positions being staked-out: What’s being proposed ‘Independent regulation backed up by statute’ Advocates, who include Evan Harris and the Hacked Off campaign group, argue that the […]