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Lib-Lab cooperation: there’s one easy way to find out if Labour are serious

by Stephen Tall on June 6, 2012

Today’s Guardian big-ups a call by Labour’s chief whip in the Lords, Lord Bassam, to his Lib Dem opposite number Lord Newby as a sign that ‘elements of the [Labour] party are preparing the ground for a possible Lib-Lab coalition after the next election.’ I have to say on first reading the tenor of Lord […]

When did the Tories stop supporting Lords reform?

by Stephen Tall on May 9, 2012

From all the debate and angst within the Tory party over the issue of House of Lords reform you’d imagine the plan to inject an element of democracy into the UK parliament had been foisted on David Cameron by sneakily obsessive Liberal Democrats. Yet the reality is somewhat different. The Coalition Government’s pledge to overhaul […]