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Liberal Hero of the Week #61: Ross Kemp

by Stephen Tall on March 1, 2014

Liberal Hero of the Week (and occasional Villains) is chosen by Stephen Tall, Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, and Research Associate at CentreForum.  Ross Kemp Actor, broadcaster and former husband of ex-Sun editor Rebekah Brooks Reason: for ensuring The Sun recognised its coverage of Frank Bruno’s mental illness was brutal and wrong. Newspapers are rarely […]

Nick’s second ‘Letter from the Leader’: featuring PMQs, Leveson Inquiry & tax-cuts for the low-paid

by Stephen Tall on November 10, 2012

Nick Clegg’s second letter to members and supporters has hit my inbox… This week’s email focuses on two issues. First, the impending Leveson Report into what form of media (self-)regulation will be needed to ensure newspapers don’t continue to abuse their power in the way that was exposed so forensically during Sir Brian’s inquiry. And […]

Deputy PMQs: Vince tackles Harriet on bankers' bonuses

by Stephen Tall on July 8, 2009

Y’know I’ve expressed my general contempt for the pantomime which passes for Prime Minister’s Questions on many occasions: it’s theatre, mirage, insubstantial: all performance, no content. But we discovered today there’s something worse than the usual rowdy PMQs: when there’s (…)

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Brown's five Iraq inquiry U-turns explained

by Stephen Tall on June 25, 2009

The Guardian’s Andrew Sparrow has been a busy boy – he’s been trying to keep pace with the Government’s U-turns since Gordon Brown made his statement announcing the Iraq inquiry last week. He reckons there have been a possible nine, (…)

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Clegg on Brown's MPs' expenses reforms: "Bringing the Brussels gravy train to Westminster is not the way to fix our expenses system.”

by Stephen Tall on April 21, 2009

The Evening Standard billboards I walked past this evening proclaimed, more than a little hyperbolically, Brown axes MPs’ expenses. The truth is a little more mundane – you can read the full text of the written statement from Commons leader (…)

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NEW POLL: How do you solve a problem like Sir Fred?

by Stephen Tall on March 2, 2009

The debate has raged all over the weekend about what exactly the Government should do (if anything) about the £650,000 per year pension to which Sir Fred Goodwin, former chief executive of RBS, is entitled thanks to a deal struck (…)

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Lib Dems to oppose Labour/Tory attempts to weaken Freedom of Information

by Stephen Tall on January 17, 2009

Today’s Guardian reports on Labour’s latest attempts to dilute the very Freedom of Information Act (2000) which it once passed: Ministers today faced a backlash following the revelation that they are backing plans to exempt MPs from Freedom of Information (…)

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PMQs: Cable tackles Harman on unemployment and interest rates

by Stephen Tall on October 15, 2008

With our Superman Prime Minister currently bestriding the globe like a Colossus of financial acuity, it was left to Harriet Harman at today’s Question Time to bat for the Government and laud the financial bail-out as Gordon Brown’s Dunkirk. It (…)

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