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How should PMQs be reformed?

by Stephen Tall on February 15, 2014

Prime Minister’s Questions, the half-hour weekly pantomime that transfixes Westminster and the SW1 media, got a deserved pasting from the Hansard Society this week which released a report, Tuned in or Turned off? Public attitudes to PMQs. The results couldn’t be clearer. PMQs is a significant ‘cue’ or ‘building block’ for the public’s perceptions of […]

The crisis of trust facing the news media

by Stephen Tall on July 22, 2012

The Hansard Society this week published part two of its annual Audit of Political Engagement, focusing on the media and politics. Three graphs in particular stood out for me… 63% of public say tabloids “look for any excuse” to tarnish politicians … tabloid newspapers are consistently identified by two-thirds of the public as displaying negative […]

What Simon Hughes said about coalition politics in 2008

by Stephen Tall on July 2, 2010

In 2008 – when the general assumption was that the Tories would win an overall majority – the Hansard Society published a collection of essays on the impact of a balanced parliament on British politics, titled No Overall Control. One of its contributors was Simon Hughes, then the Lib Dems’ shadow leader of the House, […]

First-Past-The-Post: the ’safe seats’ system that breeds lazy, corrupt MPs

by Stephen Tall on January 14, 2010

Calls for the First-Past-The-Post voting system to be abolished in the UK were given a real kick-start last year after it became clear – thanks to the work of Lib Dem blogger Mark Thompson – that it was MPs with large majorities who were more likely to be implicated in cheating the expenses system.
It’s […]

Lib Dem MPs "more likely to be on Facebook than members of any other party"

by Stephen Tall on July 13, 2009

That’s the finding of the Hansard Society research paper MPs on Facebook: while over half (51%) of Liberal Democrat MPs have a presence on Facebook, the figures for Labour and the Conservatives are 15% and 9%, respectively. … On a (…)

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LDV, ConHome and DraperList go head-to-head (ish)

by Stephen Tall on February 19, 2009

LDV’s Mark Pack will be speaking alongside ConservativeHome‘s Jonathan Isaby and LabourList‘s Derek Draper on 24th March at an event organised by the Hansard Society entitled, The Online Campaign – solution or smokescreen? Details below and at the Society’s website. (…)

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