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3 to see: Lib Dem #GE2010 campaign coverage (11/4/10)

by Stephen Tall on April 11, 2010

Pushed for time, but want to keep up-to-date with how the campaign’s going? Here are today’s must-reads ….

Nick Clegg launches policies for families (Lib Dems)

As the Tories launched their tax-war on widows, working couples and jilted wives, Nick Clegg was spelling out his priority: “We will cut taxes for all working families on low […]

Cameron: he was against paternity pay before he was in favour of it. What will his view be next month?

by Stephen Tall on January 28, 2010

‘Dads will be able to take up to six months’ paternity leave while their child’s mother returns to work, under government plans announced today,’ reports The Guardian.
The Lib Dems’ shadow children, schools and families secretary, David Laws, is deeply unimpressed with Labour’s approach:
The Government fails to understand that all families are different and need […]

Clegg on families: Tories want to "turn back the clock", Labour "minimise importance of couples in family life"

by Stephen Tall on July 7, 2009

Later this afternoon Nick Clegg will deliver the third annual Relate Institute lecture, warning about the impact the recession is having on families and relationships, and stressing the important role relationships and commitment play in our society. He will also (…)

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Nick on paternity leave, Lib Dem poll ratings, and Lembit and Brian

by Stephen Tall on January 7, 2009

There’s an in-depth interview with Nick Clegg in today’s Telegraph – here’s a few highlights: On his imminent fatherhood and paternity leave Evangelical about the importance of parental leave, Mr Clegg and his party recently adopted a radical child care (…)

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