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Is LibLabbery the future?

by Stephen Tall on February 5, 2015

‘Labour and Lib Dems to hit joint total of 339 seats, study predicts’ headlined The Guardian this week, summarising the mathematical model of Professor Paul Whiteley at the University of Essex forecasting Labour would win 291 seats and the Lib (…)

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Lewis Baston’s election 2015 forecast: Labour 36%, Conservatives 34%, Lib Dems 16%

by Stephen Tall on October 31, 2013

Lewis Baston, a research associate at Democratic Audit who is perhaps the nearest the UK comes to a Nate Silver, has published a pamphlet called Swing Seats: The key battlegrounds of the 2015 election (not available online yet). It’s a forensic analysis of the constituencies that will decide the next election, and digs much deeper […]

Gordon Brown’s election pledge: I will not make the tax system fairer

by Stephen Tall on April 7, 2010

Gordon Brown has today announced one of his election pledges: Labour has no plans to make our tax system fairer. Or has he put it: Labour will hold the basic income tax rate at 20 pence in the pound.
Lib Dems, too, are committed to keeping the basic rate of income tax at 20p. But, […]

How can we sell the Single Transferable Vote to the public?

by Stephen Tall on February 11, 2010

The last 24 hours’ focus on voting systems – surely every Lib Dem’s dream come true? – have highlighted just how hard it will be to gain acceptance for the party’s preferred proportional voting system, the single transferable vote.
It’s no surprise that almost all MPs from the two establishment parties, Labour and the Tories, […]