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It’s Easter, so it’s time for Jo Swinson’s annual Eggs-cess packaging report

by Stephen Tall on April 2, 2010

2010 marks the fourth year of Jo Swinson’s annual Easter Egg excess packaging report. (You can read LDV’s 2009 posting here). This year’s headline conclusion? “Some Easter egg manufacturers have drastically cut their excess packaging, while others are lagging far behind.”
Jo explains her campaign further on her website:
Consumers are tired of excess packaging – […]

Swinson slams eggs-ess packaging (geddit?)

by Stephen Tall on April 10, 2009

As you prepare to devour your innocent-looking Easter eggs this holiday weekend, bear in mind this piece of research by Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson: Easter eggs only take up 40% of their packaging, and remain one of the most (…)

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