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Democratic Audit on the “scandal” of the poor value taxpayers get for the £800m spent on elections in the UK

by Stephen Tall on March 17, 2014

Democratic Audit, an independent research organisation based at the London School of Economics, this week published a report, Engaging young voters with enhanced election information. The title may not be the most exciting ever, but the report itself is worth a read. (You can download it here.) The executive summary from the report’s authors, Patrick […]

“Decisions are made by those who show up.”

by Stephen Tall on November 15, 2012

Any questions about voting? All answered here on LibDemVoice: How to vote – and what to do once you’ve voted Oh, and here’s my take from earlier today about the PCC elections: Wakey, wakey! It’s PCC election day in England (…)

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How the Obama campaign used randomised control trials to micro-target its way to victory

by Stephen Tall on November 12, 2012

Identifying and targeting the undecideds: that’s the key to winning elections, isn’t it? Find the people who sit bang-in-the-middle of the political spectrum and bombard them with messages that persuade them to back your side, yes? Those are two underpinning (…)

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