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“Decisions are made by those who show up.”

by Stephen Tall on November 15, 2012

Any questions about voting? All answered here on LibDemVoice: How to vote – and what to do once you’ve voted Oh, and here’s my take from earlier today about the PCC elections: Wakey, wakey! It’s PCC election day in England (…)

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Wakey, wakey! It’s PCC election day in England and Wales. You hadn’t forgotten, had you?

by Stephen Tall on November 15, 2012

Election day is usually a day when, if you’re at all interested/involved in politics, the pulse quickens, the blood pumps faster, the adrenaline kicks in. With all due respect to the sane candidates standing for the post of Police and Crime Commissioner (and naturally with very best wishes to those Lib Dems flying the party’s […]

A confession: I’m a Lib Dem and I support elected police commissioners

by Stephen Tall on October 22, 2012

Here’s the thing: I don’t have a problem with elected police commissioners. I know they were a Tory manifesto idea and that the Lib Dems are opposed to them (while reluctantly agreeing to vote for them as part of the Coalition Agreement). But I’m just fine with them. My support for directly elected police commissioners […]

Why the Lib Dems are standing for barely half the elected police commissioner posts

by Stephen Tall on October 22, 2012

With nominations closed and the elections less than a month away, time for a quick recap on where the Lib Dems are at in the forthcoming police commissioner elections. As ConHome has taken some pleasure in pointing out, the party is standing in 23 out of the 41 contests, little more than half. A little […]

Kiron Reid resigns from Lib Dems to run as independent police commissioner in Merseyside

by Stephen Tall on October 21, 2012

Kiron Reid, three-times Lib Dem parliamentary candidate and a councillor in Liverpool for a decade, has resigned from the party to enable him to run for the post of Police and Crime Commissioner as an independent. He’s explained his decision in an open letter on his website: It is with regret that I resign from […]

A messy situation for Lib Dems over Devon and Cornwall police commissioner contest

by Stephen Tall on August 5, 2012

It looks like the police commissioner contest in Devon and Cornwall could be about to get a bit messy for the Lib Dems, with the news that the Lib Dem leader of North Devon Council Brian Greenslade plans to run as an independent — even though the party plans to choose an official Lib Dem […]

In other news… Lib Dem police commissioner candidates, Lady Steel’s pink jaguar tattoo, & other stories

by Stephen Tall on July 31, 2012

Here’s a round-up of stories we haven’t had time to cover on the site this past few days… Nick O’Shea named as Lib Dem Surrey Crime Commissioner candidate (BBC News) Nick O’Shea is a businessman and former Mole Valley District Councillor. … Commissioners, to be elected in England and Wales in November, will oversee the […]

LDVideo: So you want to watch 6mins 23secs of Lembit Öpik in a wrestling ring? You got it…

by Stephen Tall on April 15, 2012

This weekend Jonathan Calder brought us the news that Lembit Öpik had contrived an appearance in a wrestling ring at Welshpool Town Hall. Distressingly, video footage has now been unleashed: (Available on YouTube here.) Ironically, today’s the day another Lembit story has appeared — that the former Montgomeryshire MP has thrown his hat into the […]