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Lib-Lab cooperation: there’s one easy way to find out if Labour are serious

by Stephen Tall on June 6, 2012

Today’s Guardian big-ups a call by Labour’s chief whip in the Lords, Lord Bassam, to his Lib Dem opposite number Lord Newby as a sign that ‘elements of the [Labour] party are preparing the ground for a possible Lib-Lab coalition after the next election.’ I have to say on first reading the tenor of Lord […]

In other news… Lib Dems close no libraries, Paddick pledges 360,000 homes, & Newby is new Lords whip

by Stephen Tall on April 29, 2012

Here’s a round-up of stories we haven’t had time to cover on the site this past few days… Tim Farron: No library closed under Lib Dem leadership ( Last year, more than 40 libraries were closed by Conservative and Labour councils. In stark contrast, for the second year in a row, no Liberal Democrat-controlled council […]

Lib Dems back High Pay Commission’s proposals to curb excessive executive salaries

by Stephen Tall on November 23, 2011

The High Pay Commission, an independent inquiry into top pay in the private sector, published its final report yesterday. Here’s how The Guardian reports its key conclusions: The commission sets out 12 recommendations to tackle high pay. The main reforms include: • Greater transparency in the calculation of executive pay to end the “closed shop” […]