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Do the Lib Dems have a core vote, and can we grow it?

by Stephen Tall on July 18, 2012

Is it possible to build a bigger Lib Dem core vote? Mark Pack has previously written here on the need for the party to adopt a ‘core vote’ strategy to protect the party from the adverse headwinds of the next election. I don’t disagree with the aim, I’m just not sure of its realism. Here’s […]

David Owen: Lib Dems should “campaign for a role in a government of national unity”

by Stephen Tall on October 16, 2009

To be a fair, a former Labour minister, ex-SDP leader and Tory voter is probably the natural person to advocate a national unity government – and that’s exactly what David Owen has done today in an article in The Times:
Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, and his deputy, Vince Cable, need to position themselves as […]

YouTube ‘cos we want to: an SDP special

by Stephen Tall on August 1, 2009

If the SDP had lived on*, 2009 would have marked its 18th** 28th birthday – which spurious segue is all the excuse we need to dust off three video clips tracing its rise and fall. Let’s begin at the beginning, (…)

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