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The ‘liberal’ in ‘liberal centre’ is not silent: a reply to the estimable David Boyle

by Stephen Tall on May 18, 2015

I’m discovering a new affinity with the word ‘gnosis’ – not so much the spiritual side as that the ‘g’ is silent. And similarly, whenever I talk about the ‘liberal centre’, it appears only the word ‘centre’ is heard. I (…)

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I’m sorry to see Richard Grayson resign, but I’m sticking with the party of liberalism thanks

by Stephen Tall on July 11, 2013

I was sorry to see Richard Grayson has resigned from the Lib Dems. We’ve met only once. It was at the 2010 Brighton party conference when we were interviewed together for Radio 4′s The Westminster Hour. As I noted at the time: I felt almost sorry for Richard as we chatted beforehand, a loyal liberal […]

London schools and the paradox of choice

by Stephen Tall on January 28, 2013

I’ve started reading David Boyle’s Barriers to Choice Review, published last week. David, author, academic and life-long liberal, was appointed by the cabinet office to ‘look at the barriers faced by disadvantaged people, in particular, when it came to accessing (…)

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Lib Dem MPs set to rebel over ‘back-door’ nuclear power subsidy

by Stephen Tall on July 2, 2011

‘Liberal Democrats have long opposed any new nuclear construction. Conservatives, by contrast, are committed to allowing the replacement of existing nuclear power stations provided that they are subject to the normal planning process for major projects (under a new National Planning Statement), and also provided that they receive no public subsidy.’ So declares the Coalition […]

My 5 Christmas present suggestions: the unexpurgated version

by Stephen Tall on October 19, 2010

Over at, my Co-Editor Mark Pack presents seven ideas from Lib Dem bloggers for those who are already planning their Christmas shopping. One of my own suggestions is included, but as I came up with five in total here (…)

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The Saturday Debate: Local government is to the Lib Dems what the unions are to Labour and big business is to the Tories

by Stephen Tall on October 2, 2010

Here’s your starter for ten in our Saturday slot where we throw up an idea or thought for debate… I was struck by this recent article by the Economist’s political columnist Bagehot, headlined When progressive actually means misanthropic, reflecting on the Lib Dem conference, and specifically the debate on free schools. Highlighting that, while the […]

Daily View 2×2: 17 July 2009

by Stephen Tall on July 17, 2009

2 Big Stories Troops need more, says Dannett The BBC has the interview and the story: The head of the UK Army has said better equipment is needed to protect troops from roadside bombs in Afghanistan. General Sir Richard Dannatt (…)

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How to prove you're qualified to be a British citizen

by Stephen Tall on March 17, 2009

David Boyle brings us news that one of the sample questions in the ‘Britishness test’, which immigrants must pass if they wish to become British citizens, is to define a quango. As David comments: It really is extraordinary, though perhaps (…)

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