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Nick Clegg’s “worker’s bonus” – what I said about it on BBC’s Daily Politics

by Stephen Tall on November 19, 2013

I guested on BBC2′s Daily Politics on Monday to discuss Nick Clegg’s announcement that he wants the Coalition to offer a “worker’s bonus” in the next budget, taking the personal allowance up to £10,500 – beyond the £10,000 that was promised by the Lib Dems at the 2010 election. The other two guests were ex-No. […]

Flow-chart: The 5 questions that will decide if there’s another coalition in 2015

by Stephen Tall on September 22, 2013

‘What are your thoughts on coalitions? Should the Lib Dems go with Labour or Conservatives – if they are in a position to choose?’ That was the question I was asked by the BBC’s Daily Politics in advance of appearing on Thursday to talk about any future coalition (you can catch my discussion with historian […]

As seen on BBC Daily Politics today… Lib Dem blogger pledge ‘to run naked down Whitehall’

by Stephen Tall on September 19, 2013

I promised it in writing on Tuesday. I promised it live on TV on Thursday. It’s amazing what you have to do these days to get a Lib Dem pledge taken seriously… (You can watch my 5-minute discussion of coalitions (…)

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Me channelling Call Clegg: the Lib Dem year in 5 minutes for BBC’s Daily Politics

by Stephen Tall on September 18, 2013

Tune into the BBC’s Daily Politics today, Wednesday, a 12.45, and you’ll be able to watch this film. I try and sum up the Lib Dem year in 5 minutes from an imitation Call Clegg studio. Onesies, Eastleigh, the economy, (…)

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Coming soon … the BBC’s nine Cabinet Contenders’ debates

by Stephen Tall on March 17, 2010

In case the 4.5 hours of Prime Ministerial debates featuring Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown and David Cameron were not enough to sate the appetite of even the most politically-obsessed television viewer, the BBC has revealed plans to broadcast nine Cabinet Contender debates. Digital Spy reports:
… the nine Cabinet Contender debates will see Labour ministers, their […]