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Six months from 7th May 2015: how the polls are looking and what to look for

by Stephen Tall on November 7, 2014

There are three key things about opinion polls. The first is what matters are trends, not individual poll fluctuations. The second is they’re snapshots, not forecasts. (A point made by Lord Ashcroft, to his credit, every time he publishes his latest poll finding.) The third is the next general election won’t be decided by national party vote shares but by […]

10 Years on from The Orange Book: What should authentic liberalism look like?

by Stephen Tall on October 19, 2014

“10 Years on from The Orange Book: what should authentic liberalism look like?” That was the title of a Lib Dem conference fringe meeting in Glasgow, organised by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), at which I was speaking alongside MPs Tim Farron and Jeremy Browne, Orange Book co-editor Paul Marshall, the IEA’s Ryan Bourne […]

And the top book read by Lib Dem MPs this summer was…

by Stephen Tall on August 30, 2014

Polling firm ComRes has published its annual list of the books MPs have been reading this year, based on a survey of 154 MPs weighted by party and region to be representative of the House of Commons. Here’s what Lib Dem MPs have taken to the beach with them… 2014 1. Capital in the 21st […]

Should we ban opinion polls from being published in the lead-up to election day?

by Stephen Tall on November 13, 2013

One-third of MPs (including a third of Lib Dem MPs) say yes – but more are opposed. At least that’s the finding of a ComRes survey of 159 MPs in the wake of the Indian Election Commission banning exit polls in the five states holding elections this month, plus a ban on any opinion polls […]

PollWatch: For which other parties would LibDem voters consider voting?

by Stephen Tall on November 18, 2012

There’s an interesting poll conducted by ComRes and published today. There’s no surprise in its headline voting intention figures, below — they’re in line with other surveys and indeed with what ‘Super Thursday’s elections found: Conservative 31% (-2) Labour 43% (+2) Lib Dem 10% (0) UKIP 8% (-1) Others 8% (+1) But what is new […]

New poll gives a boost to Lib Dems – but will it last?

by Stephen Tall on October 2, 2012

An interesting poll from ComRes in today’s Independent appears to show a post-conference boost for the Lib Dems at the expense of Labour: LibDems get post-conference boost in latest ComRes poll: Lab 38% (-4%), Con 35% (n/c), LDs 15% (+3%), Others 12% (+1%) — Stephen Tall (@stephentall) October 1, 2012 As UKPollingReport’s Anthony Wells sensibly […]

ComRes poll: Vince leadership would boost Lib Dem fortunes

by Stephen Tall on September 3, 2012

It’s not often that polling companies ask how alternative Lib Dem leaders would impact the party’s popularity — in fact, I’m struggling to recall a single example — but ComRes has asked what difference Vince Cable leading the party would have on its fortunes. Here’s the result: Two findings of note: 1) There would, according […]

What the public thinks of… Cameron & Clegg for ditching Lords reform & boundary changes & of the Lib Dems in Coalition

by Stephen Tall on August 20, 2012

Here’s four intriguing findings from a ComRes poll for the Mirror and Independent released yesterday and conducted 15th-16 August… By 34%-29% public thinks Cameron was WRONG to abandon House of Lords reform Q: Do you agree or disagree that David Cameron was right to abandon the attempt to make changes to the House of Lords? […]

New poll finds 60% of public backs Lib Dem flagship policy of tax-cuts for low-paid funded by tax increases for wealthy

by Stephen Tall on February 28, 2012

It’s a month since Nick Clegg made a fresh bid to put the Lib Dems’ flagship 2010 manifesto policy once again front-and-centre: further tax-cuts for the lowest-paid to be funded by higher taxes for the wealthiest. And today came news of what the public thinks of the Lib Dem approach to fairer taxes, with the […]

Is this the most biased opinion poll question ever asked?

by Stephen Tall on February 28, 2012

The Coalition for Marriage was launched last week. And as many groups do to try and drum up some publicity announce themselves to the world, they commissioned an opinion poll of public attitudes to equal marriage. Which is fair enough. But then, it appears, a thought struck them. The UK is, by and large, a […]