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Hung Parliament: what Lib Dem members think will happen… and what you want to happen

by Stephen Tall on September 15, 2013

Lib Dem Voice has polled our members-only forum  to discover what Lib Dem members think of various political issues, the Coalition, and the performance of key party figures. Almost 700 party members responded – thank you – and we’re publishing the full results. 76% of Lib Dem members predict another hung parliament in 2015 What […]

Andrew Adonis: “I am much more negative about the idea of coalition now”. Is Labour pluralism dead?

by Stephen Tall on December 9, 2012

A couple of days ago, I suggested Lib Dems needed to think about how we rescue the idea of coalition as an effective form of government. Right on cue, former Labour cabinet minister Lord (Andrew) Adonis has slated the concept, arguing in The Guardian that: Giving huge power to a very small party that is […]

Why the Lib Dems cannot end the Coalition. And what we should do to try and rescue it.

by Stephen Tall on July 15, 2012

How do we revitalise the Coalition? I realise that for many Lib Dems that’s the very last question on your minds. After a week in which Tory rebel MPs forced the Government to delay a key plank of the Coalition Agreement — House of Lords reform — rather more Lib Dems, and not just the […]

The Labour Party. Remember them?

by Stephen Tall on March 3, 2012

There’s an excellent must-read post on the New Statesman site by Rafael Behr highlighting how Coalition politics is not only eclipsing the Labour party from the media spotlight, but also paralysing its leadership from engaging with internal debate. First, he notes how both the Lib Dems and Tories are being given the freedom to differentiate […]

Free schools, the Coalition, and the future of the Lib Dems – my 6-minute take

by Stephen Tall on September 20, 2010

Andrew Walker of Tweetminster caught up with me immediately after the Lib Dem motion opposing free schools was carried — it was one of the issues, alongside the Coalition and the future of the Lib Dems, that we discussed. You (…)

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Tax cuts vs Public spending: Danny Alexander’s comments flag up the Coalition arguments to come

by Stephen Tall on August 29, 2010

I’ve been critical these past few weeks of the news media’s obsessional search to put a cigarette paper between Coalition politicians: mostly these have been the product of journalists’ desperation to fill space. But today’s interview in the Observer with Lib Dem chief secretary to the treasury Danny Alexander is, I think, significant for the […]

Daily View 2×2: 17 May 2010 (with bonus ‘Prophet Steel’ video)

by Stephen Tall on May 17, 2010

Happy Monday morning, everyone, and welcome to the first full week of Lib Dem / Conservative coalition government. Let’s get down to the news …
One Big Story

Lib Dem members give overwhelming thumbs-up to coalition government agreement
The Daily Telegraph has a fair-minded report proving that extraordinary things really can happen in the new politics (and in […]

5 reasons Nick Clegg should rule out a coalition now

by Stephen Tall on March 10, 2010

With most polls showing the next election could result in a hung parliament, there has been various speculation about what the Lib Dem position would be. I think it’s time for Nick Clegg to make an unambiguous statement that the party would not enter a coalition with either Labour or the Tories. Here are my […]