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What the academics say: How the Lib Dems won the Coalition Agreement

by Stephen Tall on August 6, 2014

‘The UK Coalition Agreement of 2010: Who Won?’ is a fascinating paper written by Thomas Quinn, Judith Bara and John Bartle. It was published in May 2011, but I only stumbled across it yesterday. Here’s what it aimed to set out: a content analysis of [the Coalition Agreement] to determine which party gained (or lost) […]

Reviewing the Mid-Term Review. It’s hit and miss. But the biggest miss are the wasted opportunities

by Stephen Tall on January 7, 2013

I’ve had chance only to scan-read today’s Coalition Mid-Term Review (with its rather grudging, adjective-free title, Stuck Together in the national interest), but here are some initial impressions… The economy takes centre-stage… This may seem a statement of the obvious. And yet it’s worth comparing with the May 2010 document, Our programme for government (ahh, […]

What do we Lib Dems want from a reshuffle?

by Stephen Tall on August 20, 2012

While the massed ranks of the mostly right-wing political commentariat obsess about the imminent Cabinet reshuffle, Lib Dem interest has been relatively muted. In one sense this isn’t surprising. As it stands, 18 of the party’s 57 MPs are on the government payroll, so Nick Clegg has little room for manouevre even among the middle […]

Conservatives confuse me sometimes…

by Stephen Tall on August 15, 2012

Why do Conservatives confuse me? Well, here’s my good sparring friend Tim Montgomerie this morning expressing outrage at a Lib Dems conference motion up for debate in September: MT @chrisshipitv LDs say they’ll ask conf to reject Boris’ ThamesEstuary airport (…)

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More voters think the Tories have broken their Coalition Agreement promises than think the Lib Dems have

by Stephen Tall on August 8, 2012

Nick Clegg’s announcement on Monday – that the Lib Dems would end the party’s support for the boundary changes pledged in the Coalition Agreement in response to David Cameron’s failure to persuade his party to back the Lords reform pledged in the Coalition Agreement – has triggered a collective how-very-dare-he whine from the right-wing commentariat. […]

The Coalition Agreement does not commit Lib Dems to supporting boundary changes

by Stephen Tall on August 5, 2012

Over the last couple of months, Conservative MPs and commentators have made great play of the fact that the Coalition Agreement does not explicitly commit the Tories to voting for House of Lords reform. Let’s remind ourselves of its words again: We will establish a committee to bring forward proposals for a wholly or mainly […]

++ Clegg to announce Lords reform sunk; Tory rebels defeat Cameron; first breach of Coalition Agreement.

by Stephen Tall on August 3, 2012

The Guardian reports tonight: Nick Clegg is expected to announce next week he has been forced to abandon Lords reform in the face of implacable Conservative backbench opposition that David Cameron has been unable to overcome. … Clegg has to decide whether to respond to the Lords rebuff by insisting legislation designed to cut the […]

Why the Lib Dems cannot end the Coalition. And what we should do to try and rescue it.

by Stephen Tall on July 15, 2012

How do we revitalise the Coalition? I realise that for many Lib Dems that’s the very last question on your minds. After a week in which Tory rebel MPs forced the Government to delay a key plank of the Coalition Agreement — House of Lords reform — rather more Lib Dems, and not just the […]

Is 75% of the Coalition Agreement drawn from the Lib Dem manifesto? Alas, no…

by Stephen Tall on June 28, 2012

One of the key justifications for Lib Dem involvement in the Coalition — one which has comforted many party members through the first two difficult years of being the junior partner in government with the Conservatives — has been the finding that 75% of the Lib Dem manifesto appeared in the Programme for Government (commonly […]

Lords reform: did we really expect any better of either the Tories or Labour?

by Stephen Tall on June 26, 2012

All three main political parties fought the 2010 election promising the electorate that, if elected, they would reform the House of Lords. All three promised the same in 2005, too. And 2001. Yet in 2012 only one party is staying true to that promise: the Lib Dems. The Tories and Labour, in contrast, are happily […]