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European Arrest Warrant: I’m a sceptic (but not a Eurosceptic)

by Stephen Tall on November 10, 2014

As I write, the House of Commons is debating the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). Well, sort of. In fact, the Speaker, John Bercow, has already pointed out that “there will not today be a vote on the specific matter of membership of the European arrest warrant”. But Home Secretary Theresa May and Justice Secretary Chris […]

Liberal Hero of the Week #76: Dominic Grieve

by Stephen Tall on October 3, 2014

Liberal Hero of the Week (and occasional Villains) is chosen by Stephen Tall, Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, and Research Associate at CentreForum.  Dominic Grieve Conservative MP and former Attorney-General Reason: for sticking to his principles and standing up for international law and human rights Imagine, just for a moment, that Russia’s President Putin were […]

Liberal Heroes of the Week #55: The 12 members of the Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill. My Liberal Villain is Chris Grayling

by Stephen Tall on December 24, 2013

Liberal Hero of the Week (and occasional Villains) is chosen by Stephen Tall, Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, and Research Associate at CentreForum.  12 members of Parliament of the Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill Mr Crispin Blunt MP (Conservative), Mr Steve Brine MP (Conservative), Ms Lorely Burt MP (Liberal Democrat), Mr Nick Gibb MP (Chairman, […]

Evidence-based policy is now official government policy. So will they actually follow the evidence?

by Stephen Tall on March 4, 2013

As of today, I officially work for a ‘What Works’ organisation – the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) – part of the ‘What Works Network’ Danny Alexander and Oliver Letwin are launching today. Here’s the Financial Times report: A drive to (…)

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Will the reshuffle actually matter?

by Stephen Tall on September 5, 2012

That’s the title of a post I’ve written for the Endeavour Public Affairs website here. And here’s my answer… Will this reshuffle actually matter? That’s the question which looms over the current version of musical chairs currently obsessing the Westminster (…)

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Mandatory work: if we believe in evidence-based policy it’s probably best to pay attention to the evidence

by Stephen Tall on June 16, 2012

Four months ago, when the political row over ‘workfare’ was at its peak, I wrote here on LibDemVoice that liberals needed to progress the debate beyond ‘the simple and simplistic ‘left/right’ attitudes currently on display, and start grappling with how best we can empower the individual to make the best of their own lives — […]

Yet another reason why gay voters are deserting the Tories for the Lib Dems

by Stephen Tall on April 27, 2010

The Tories seem to be doing their best to lose the vote of gay people. Last month it was shadow Tory home secretary Chris Grayling who landed himself and his party in trouble by defending the rights of bed-and-breakfast owners to discriminate against gay couples. Then the party’s shadow defence minister Julian Lewis alleged that […]

Julia condemns Grayling's 'The Wire' comparison

by Stephen Tall on August 26, 2009

In the absence of much real political news, Tory shadow home secretary Chris Grayling’s rather bumbling attempt to drink the kool-ade – by referencing cult US crime TV show ‘The Wire’ in a speech echoing his party’s tired ‘Broken Britain’ (…)

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Quick's marching orders: too harsh, or just right?

by Stephen Tall on April 9, 2009

Bob Quick, “Britain’s most senior anti-terrorism officer” as he’s known to every paper, has resigned after he was photographed yesterday outside Number 10 holding an outline briefing on an on-going counter-terrorism operation inadvertently exposing the names of several senior officers, (…)

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BBC Question Time (15/1/09): open thread

by Stephen Tall on January 15, 2009

A new year at Westminster, and the BBC’s Question Time is back (BBC1 and online, 10.35 pm GMT) – and so is the weekly LDV open thread. If you’re tuning in to watch, remember: don’t get angry, get commenting. Lib (…)

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