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Britney versus Jordan: the fickle correlation of celebrity and baby names

by Stephen Tall on April 28, 2012

Here’s a graph that neatly illustrates the power of celebrity… From the fantastic geek-curiosity that is the England & Wales Baby Names website, tracking the popularity of names given to babies from 1996-2010, here’s the graph for the name ‘Britney’: (…)

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Diffindo! Has Daniel Radcliffe hexed the Lib Dems?

by Stephen Tall on December 26, 2010

Daniel Radcliffe has declared himself to be “underwhelmed” by the Lib Dems in the wake of the tuition fees controversy, according to a report in the Daily Mail: A source inside the party said: ‘Daniel does not in any way support the violence of the rioters, but to say he is underwhelmed by his party […]

Things can only get better for the Lib Dems, as D:Ream’s Brian Cox defects from Labour

by Stephen Tall on March 14, 2010

Time was when you were asked to name a Lib Dem celebrity backer you would have been hard-pressed to think beyond Barry Norman, Liz Kershaw and Barry Cryer (all of whom are stars, of course). Then came Sandi Toksvig, Floella Benjamin and Brian Eno; perhaps also Daniel Radcliffe. And last month, the Observer named Coldplay’s […]

What's the right way to respond to #MichaelJackson's death?

by Stephen Tall on June 26, 2009

Why is it okay to laugh at the death of celebrities? Genuine question. As news of Michael Jackson’s death swept the world last night, causing the Internet to grind to a standstill, two things about our new cyber-age stood out (…)

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