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UK decision to stop migrant rescue operations attacked by Teather (“unethical”) and Ashdown (“inhuman”), defended by Clegg (“Italian decision”)

by Stephen Tall on October 31, 2014

Conservative home office minister James Brokenshire defended the Government’s decision to withdraw support – along with all other EU member states – for future search-and-rescue operations for migrants in the Mediterranean. The BBC reports: James Brokenshire told MPs the change would “save lives rather than putting them in peril.” About 3,000 migrants have drowned in […]

Clegg on the Daily Mail: “Overflowing with bile about modern Britain”

by Stephen Tall on October 3, 2013

I noted earlier this week that the Daily Mail’s attacks on Ed Miliband’s father have echoes of the smears the paper has peddled about Nick Clegg and his family over the years. And on his ‘Call Clegg’ radio phone-in today the Lib Dem leader didn’t shy away from mounting a full-frontal assault on the Mail […]

Me channelling Call Clegg: the Lib Dem year in 5 minutes for BBC’s Daily Politics

by Stephen Tall on September 18, 2013

Tune into the BBC’s Daily Politics today, Wednesday, a 12.45, and you’ll be able to watch this film. I try and sum up the Lib Dem year in 5 minutes from an imitation Call Clegg studio. Onesies, Eastleigh, the economy, (…)

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Nick on ‘Call Clegg’: “Without doubt one week I will regret something I said”

by Stephen Tall on March 4, 2013

An interesting couple of snippets from an interview with Nick Ferrari – Nick Clegg’s interlocutor on LBC’s weekly ‘Call Clegg’ phone-in – in this week’s Media Guardian. First, that all three party leaders were approached with the idea, and only Nick bit. And here’s Nick on why he agreed: On his way out of the […]

‘Call Clegg’: Nick survives first radio phone-in grilling

by Stephen Tall on January 10, 2013

Today was the day History Was Made. At least if you believe LBC Radio’s self-publicity. To be slightly more precise, Nick Clegg took part in the first of his weekly Call Clegg phone-ins on LBC Radio, putting his job on the line (geddit?!) for 30 minutes. Starting 9am this Thursday 10 January, I will be […]