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My Brexit take in 7 tweets

by Stephen Tall on June 10, 2016

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Brexit, Animal Farm, and political fanatics

by Stephen Tall on February 3, 2016

Can’t think what it was about Tim Montgomerie’s tweet, below, which put me in mind of this quote* from George Orwell’s Animal Farm: “The creatures outside looked from Brexiter to Cybernat, and from Corbynista to Brexiter, and from Brexiter to (…)

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Liberal Hero of the Week #66: Brexit Prize-winning Iain Mansfield

by Stephen Tall on April 11, 2014

Liberal Hero of the Week (and occasional Villains) is chosen by Stephen Tall, Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, and Research Associate at CentreForum.  Iain Mansfield Winner of the IEA’s Brexit Prize 2014 (and Director of Trade and Investment at the UK’s embassy in the Philippines) Reason: for a serious analysis of how Britain can remain […]