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Three scenarios for the 2015 election based on current polling: which do you think looks most plausible?

by Stephen Tall on December 10, 2013

In 18 months we’ll know the result of the 2015 general election. Forecasting is a mug’s game – especially because there are an even greater number of variables this time than usual: a governing coalition of two parties with one established centre-left opposition, Labour, and an insurgent right-wing party, Ukip. But plenty are having a […]

Bob Worcester forecasts Lib Dems to be reduced to 24 seats in 2015. I’ll run naked down Whitehall if that’s the result.

by Stephen Tall on September 17, 2013

At a conference fringe meeting on Monday evening, the pollster’s pollster Bob Worcester, MORI’s founder, made a forecast of how many seats the Lib Dems will win at the 2015 election: 24. His prediction was based on current polling which he’d fed into the Electoral Calculus website and implied the number should be 17. His […]

Mori founder Sir Bob Worcester tells me his favourite biased opinion poll questions

by Stephen Tall on March 6, 2012

It was kind of the founder and chairman of polling firm Ipsos-Mori, Sir Robert Worcester, to pop by this blog recently in response to my post last week highlighting that 60% of voters back the Lib Dem policy of asking (…)

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