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My naked run total: thanks to 176 donations (including Kelvin McKenzie’s) it stands at £9,417

by Stephen Tall on October 15, 2015

In case you’re one of the three people I know who hasn’t yet seen it, I was on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme yesterday, when they showed this 2-minute film: It was enough to persuade former Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie (…)

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So about that “running naked down Whitehall” pledge then….

by Stephen Tall on May 13, 2015

A little over 18 months ago, I made a pledge on the BBC’s Daily Politics (based on this post) to run naked down Whitehall if the Lib Dems were reduced to only 24 seats, as one poll had just predicted. (…)

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Mori’s Sir Bob Worcester increases his forecast for Lib Dem seats in May 2015

by Stephen Tall on October 16, 2014

Yes, you read that headline right: founder of MORI, Sir Bob Worcester, increased his forecast of how many seats the Lib Dems would win in May 2015 when asked for a prediction at last week’s Lib Dem conference. I’ll be honest, though: I don’t think he meant to. Last year, you may recall he predicted […]

Newark by-election: what I told BBC’s Daily Politics

by Stephen Tall on June 6, 2014

I got a call from the BBC’s Daily Politics this morning asking if I’d be willing to pitch up this lunchtime to discuss the Lib Dem performance, as the party wasn’t willing to put up anyone official. (Labour didn’t either.) I duly did so and you can see what I said below. If you want […]

My 5 minutes defending Lib Dem honour against Bus Pass Elvis

by Stephen Tall on March 15, 2014

“We’re interviewing Bus Pass Elvis – the guy who beat the Lib Dems in a council by-election last week – and wondered if you’d be free to come on and talk about whether it means the writing’s on the wall.” That was the enticing invitation from the BBC’s Daily Politics show – how could I […]

Lib Dem Deputy Leader election: result expected today at 7pm

by Stephen Tall on January 28, 2014

Three Lib Dem MPs hope that by this evening they will be elected Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems – the post was vacated by Simon Hughes when he was appointed Justice Minister. The three competing for the post are (in strict surname order) Gordon Birtwhistle, Sir Malcolm Bruce and Lorely Burt. The electorate is […]

What I said on BBC’s Daily Politics…

by Stephen Tall on September 26, 2012

I guested today on the BBC’s Daily Politics — presented by Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn — alongside John Kampfner and (briefly) Bonnie Greer. The programme featured interviews with Danny Alexander and Tim Farron, and appearances by fellow blogger Mark (…)

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