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Why 40% is the magic number in the Scottish referendum

by Stephen Tall on July 6, 2014

For some reason, 40% is a figure which has long exerted political significance. That devolution for Scotland wasn’t introduced in 1979 wasn’t because a majority of those who voted didn’t want it: by 52% to 48% the Scottish voted in favour of establishing a Scottish parliament. However, a Labour MP, George Cunningham, introduced an amendment […]

Q: What links the AV referendum, boundary changes & Lords reform? A: The Coalition Agreement

by Stephen Tall on March 15, 2012

It appears the Tories are attempting a sneaky re-write of some very recent, and well-documented, history. What prompts me to say this? Let’s look at the FT’s Kiran Stacey’s report of Nick Clegg’s feisty performance at yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions: [Peter Lilley] asked why he was so focused on House of Lords reform when there […]

The Voice’s Easter Monday Pick of the #Yes2AV Posters

by Stephen Tall on April 25, 2011

We highlghted the new Facebook group YES to Alternative Vote on 5th May a couple of weeks ago here on Lib Dem Voice — and offered four examples of the site’s alternative YES campaign posters. Well, as a Bank Holiday treat, here are four more: (Warning: with a little bit of sweariness for the easily […]

The 100-plus Labour MPs publicly opposing electoral reform

by Stephen Tall on December 30, 2010

Poor Ed Miliband. In his first speech to the Labour party conference he tried his valiant best to show that Labour had changed, that it was a party which could re-claim the progressive liberalism it so happily junked in the Blair/Brown years. No more ID cards, detention without trial, control orders etc — so said […]

“The voting system is broken, back the Alternative”: ads to help win May’s voting referendum

by Stephen Tall on August 22, 2010

Last month, The Voice asked the question, Can you design a poster to win the AV “Yes” campaign?, highlighting‘s competition to crowd-source the design talent of bloggers who support abolishing first-past-the-vote and replacing it with the Alternative Vote in readiness for next May’s referendum. The winner has now been announced (and sorry, guys, but […]

AV campaigns able to spend more than £11 million

by Stephen Tall on August 10, 2010

Today’s Financial Times reports: Campaigners for and against electoral reform will be able to spend a total of more than £11m in a blizzard of promotional material and advertisements in the run-up to next year’s referendum, the Electoral Commission has confirmed. Under the law, the Yes and No campaigns on the alternative vote (AV) system […]