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What do the centrists do now? Here’s my suggestion…

by Stephen Tall on June 27, 2017

I’ve written before about my sympathy for a new ‘Centre Party’ (much as I dislike such a split-the-difference name). The election result means the issue has simultaneously both become more urgent and less likely. More urgent because who does a (…)

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A new Centre Party? Here’s my take…

by Stephen Tall on March 31, 2017

The New Statesman’s striking cover story this week — “Wanted! An Opposition” — is well worth a read. In one article, George Eaton reports the musings (they don’t seem to be much stronger than that) that a new centrist party (…)

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It’s “Immigration Hysteria Day”. Again. Here’s how Lib Dems need to respond

by Stephen Tall on November 27, 2013

Another day, another bout of “the UK’s about to be invaded by 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians” hysteria. But today it’s not Nigel Farage splattering mis-shapen statistics into the debate: it’s the Prime Minister, David Cameron – increasingly resembling Mr Farage’s mini-me – who’s showing leadership by following the tabloid press. Here’s how the BBC […]