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Trying to find a bright spot among the depression of David Laws’ downfall

by Stephen Tall on May 30, 2010

Well that was a depressing 24 hours, depressing in so many different ways.
I don’t think I’d describe David Laws’s forced resignation as either right, or wrong: it was quite simply inevitable. There was no way he personally, nor the coalition politically, could withstand the clamour for his head. Eventually he would have been dragged […]

Revisiting Jo Swinson and the Telegraph's #mpexpenses stories

by Stephen Tall on June 11, 2009

Remember the Telegraph’s hatchet job on Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson during their series of revelations about MPs’ expenses? (Lib Dem blogger James Graham has followed-up the issue on his own Quaequam Blog! HERE). Well, on Monday evening, as billed (…)

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