We (Lib Dems) don’t need no education. Apparently.

by Stephen Tall on August 9, 2015


Tim Farron has announced his seven campaigning priorities for the Lib Dems this Parliament. And one topic is notable by its absence:

Rural Communities and Vice Chair – Mark Williams MP
EU referendum – Catherine Bearder MEP and Lord Jim Wallace (Deputy)
Mental Health – Norman Lamb MP
Immigration – Shas Sheehan
Civil Liberties – Alistair Carmichael MP
Green Economy – Baroness Susan Kramer
Housing – Tim Farron MP

Nothing wrong with any of the seven, of course. And I realise that any prioritised list will disappoint someone or other.

But, for me, education must always be at the heart of what liberalism is about and what a liberal party should campaign on. As I wrote last month:

A liberal party which doesn’t make education one of its top three priorities strikes me as a little odd (especially with schools facing a real challenge in the next five years with rising pupil numbers, reduced funding and a likely recruitment crisis).

I’m sad to see it relegated so far down our party’s campaigning priorities.

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[…] was, however, one notable omission in Tim Farron’s speech. It’s one I’ve highlighted before and will continue to nag on about: what does the party have to say about education? For years, the […]

by Stephen Tall’s Diary: liberal jottings on the week’s big events on November 20, 2015 at 9:46 am. Reply #

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