What my Glasgow taxi-driver said about the LibDems, verbatim #ldconf

by Stephen Tall on October 7, 2014

“Your man Clegg, he’s alright, I like him. He’s honest. The problem is you always see him sitting next to Cameron just looking awkward, uncomfortable. You’ve stopped the Tories doing things and thank God for you. But they’ve done you over. The best one’s Vince Cable. You can tell he’s got a few years on him, he actually knows stuff. But Danny Alexander – he’d have been picked last for the basketball team. And that Alistair Carmichael – too superior. Willie Rennie, och I don’t know – and that says it all. Too many clever words. The referendum campaign was great. I was a yes, my lady was a no. Everyone was talking about it – we even started reading page 2 of the paper. Salmond is a bully, but he’s our bully. If his party had just voted against him on airports they’d be lying in a pool of blood by now. Nicola Sturgeon’s the same, you can tell by the hair: aggressive. Joanna Lamont, she was a school teacher and that’s how she talks to us. And Ruth Davidson’s a feisty one – more balls in her trousers than the rest of her party has. Next time, for me, it’s either LibDems or SNP. I hope you lot do well. I wore a yellow shirt yesterday to show my support for you. We need you lot, you’re different to the rest: honourable. But you need to get your message out. Anyway, keep at it.”


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“That’ll be £50 son” 🙂

by Henry Gallagher on October 8, 2014 at 7:14 am. Reply #

Reminds me of a security guard I met in parliament in 2006. He went on a long rant about how he couldn’t be a cop because cops and drug dealers are just too sides of the same coin. Then he stopped and said, “you know what the trouble with your lot is don’t you? See you’ve got your neoliberals, right, and you’ve got your social democrats, see, and the one lot is hanathama to what the other lot is”.

by FC on October 8, 2014 at 5:25 pm. Reply #

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