My recommended reading for today July 13, 2014

by Stephen Tall on July 13, 2014

Here’s some of the articles that have caught my attention in the past couple of days… Liberal Hero of the Week #72: Vince Cable | CentreForum Blog My choice of @CentreForum Liberal Hero of the Week #72 is Vince Cable (…)

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A longer read for the weekend… Edward Lucas on the threat posed to peace by Russia and what the West should do about it

by Stephen Tall on July 13, 2014

Edward Lucas worked for Paddy Ashdown, has helped at by-elections, and was active in the National League of Young Liberals (NLYL) and the Union of Liberal Students (ULS). He’s better known, though, for being a senior editor at The Economist and an expert on energy, cyber-security, espionage, Russian foreign and security policy and the politics […]