Was the LibDemVoice poll on Nick Clegg’s leadership a fix? #QTWTAIN

by Stephen Tall on May 28, 2014

(#QTWTAIN = Question To Which The Answer Is No, an abbreviation made famous by the Independent’s John Rentoul) I decided weeks ago that, come what may, LibDemVoice needed to carry out a survey of party members immediately after the local and European election results were declared asking what people thought about Nick Clegg’s leadership. I […]

Why I am one of the 39% of Lib Dem members who thinks Nick Clegg should stand down as leader

by Stephen Tall on May 28, 2014

Yesterday LibDemVoice reported a survey we conducted of 992 party members on Nick Clegg’s future as party leader. I was one of the 39% who chose the option that Nick should stand down now. Let me explain why… I have (…)

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Mark Pack’s verdict on those ICM polls: “not sensible figures for anyone to draw a conclusion from”

by Stephen Tall on May 28, 2014

My former co-editor here at LibDemVoice, Mark Pack, has been taking a detailed look in his latest Liberal Democrat Newswire at those ICM constituency polls commissioned by Lord Oakeshott. Here’s his take on them: It’s not only the attempted anonymous funding of the polls that’s questionable. So too is the way they were worded. Even […]